Gone are the days when an analyst submitted the entire excel-sheet he worked upon to show his calculations and conclusions. Today, whenever you have to present your analysis in a summarized format, PowerPoint presentations always come in handy. It helps to portray in a story format and makes the manager understand each and every bit of it in a precise way.

Today, your career is determined by the strength of your presentation. Everybody uses PowerPoint like Teachers use them for lectures, start-ups use them to pitch ideas to investors, and business consultants use them to present their reports to the clients, Business Analysts use them to present their product to their clients. For a successful conversion, there are certain tricks and methods that one can use to become a PowerPoint Maverick.

1.     You can create your custom Background

If you think that the stock PowerPoint slide size is the only size option available, then you are wrong. You can create your very own custom slide size. All you have to do is:
Open File -- Select Page Setup-- Type the height and width that you want with inches or pixels according to your preference-- Click OK.

2.    You can create your own template

If the stock PowerPoint templates aren’t satisfying enough for you then you can actually create your own. PowerPoint has an option of master editor that lets you create your very own custom slide that you can then use as a template:

Select the Themes tab-- On the extreme right-hand side, click Edit Master, and then Slide Master-- Edit the template as you see fit-- Click Close Master.

This will keep all the slides in the same template as you have created now. This custom template gives a good personal touch to your PowerPoint presentation.

3.    Make your title Stand out

Having the right formats for your title is very important as it helps to make your title of the presentation stand out.

Power point allows you to add by doing a right click on the text you want to format and then click on Format Text Effects

4.    Create a story line

Your slides should always depict a story. Every slide should have a link to what is going to be explained in the further slides. Presentations usually go for hours should be engaging in such a way that the spectators do not get diverted. Having a good story line to your presentations will give an edge over others.

5.    Always link your slides

If there is a link between two non-consecutive slides in your power point presentation, it is always better to link it to that particular slide just in case the spectator or the panel in front of you wants to see it for a reference. 

6.    Create Custom Animations

If the current selection of animations aren’t meeting your expectations, then you can also create your own custom animation.

Go to the animation tab-- Click on the down arrow in the animations gallery box you will find a Custom Path-- Once you select Custom Path you’ll be able to draw your own animation-- Once you’re done, test your new animation

7.     Adjust Transition Durations

Sometimes animation durations are not how you want it to be. This feature is very undervalued. People should make use of it by Clicking on the Transition tab--In a box to the right side is the ability to change the time on the transitions.

By adjusting the time it will be appropriate to bring the transition duration according to your convenience

8.    Combine Shapes

There are multiple shapes and smart arts that one can use to make his presentation more appealing. If you need something simple yet different than the usual shapes then you can draw shapes and combine them in PowerPoint.
First you need to draw the shape you want to combine-- access them in the Insert tab--Select all of the shapes you wish to combine by using CTRL and clicking-- click the Merge Shapes button in formats tab and click combine.

9.     Highlight the important parts of your slide/ Zoom in -out

Sometimes there is a part of a slide that needs more attention like a chart or a graph. You may just want to stress on one point and bring in the attention of the spectators in the meeting and make sure one point is effectively shown.
1. In the Presenter View there is an action button at the bottom-- Once you click it, drag to where you want to zoom in and click again-- After that you can use the hand tool to move around-- Once you’re done, click the action button again to zoom back out.

10.   Save your power points as pdf

Always save your power point presentations as pdf to keep a copy of it with you always. This helps to keep a track of all the data for the future.