Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian State of Telangana, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Promoted as a competitor to Bangalore, this city is fast becoming an important tech hub. With companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dell, Deloitte etc. the city offers jobs in different fields across a variety of companies. Apart from the big tech and financial giants, the city also offers tons of start-ups jobs in Hyderabad.

The various jobs available in Hyderabad are

Programming jobs

If you are a code enthusiast and can live by coding, getting a job won’t be too difficult. There are plenty of opportunities for good programmers. From Amazon to Microsoft, from start-ups to mid-size companies, you can find a lot of opportunities in Hyderabad. Many companies like TATA Consultancy Services hold periodic coding contests. If you are a natural in coding, you can enter these contests and showcase your skills. The top performers are usually recruited by the companies. You can also take the help of job consultancies in Hyderabad to find a suitable job.

Pharmaceutical jobs

Hyderabad is slowly emerging as a pharmaceutical hub with companies like Novartis, Dr. Reddy labs etc having established their presence in the city. The city is a pharmaceutical hub. It is known as the Genome Valley of India. There are more than 360 major and small pharmaceutical companies in the city. Graduates of various disciplines of science like biology, microbiology, chemistry as well as PhDs in these subjects have plenty of opportunities to start their career in the pharmaceutical industry.

IT support

Hyderabad is quickly emerging as an IT hub. With companies like TCS, CTS, Infosys, Capgemini etc. there are plenty of job opportunities in Hyderabad for someone willing to work in the IT industry. You can work on various support projects, consulting projects as well as some development projects. Apart from the big companies, there are many jobs available in small IT companies and jobs in startups.  The pay for these jobs is decent and is one of the easiest ways to start off one’s career.

Consultancy jobs

Hyderabad has lots of jobs in consultancy sector like in job consultancy, project consultancy, manufacturing consultancy etc. Although experienced professionals are generally preferred for this kind of jobs, freshers can also apply and try their luck at these jobs. One needs to have a decent understanding of client needs and requirements and have a smart thinking strategy to get these jobs.