Sales engineer is a technical person with a good knowledge of the product and its market. So a sales engineer needs to be technically competent as well as have a good business knowledge along with excellent communication and negotiation skills. Therefore these jo profiles generally go to either engineers or MBA graduates. But students from other streams should not lose hope at this sentence of mine. Non engineers and non MBAs can also get a position of sales engineer, if they are passionate about working in sales and in selling technical products. Sales engineer sells technical products from selling power equipment or computers to heavy construction machinery. You need to have knowledge of the working of the product as well as the fit the product will provide to your customer. Experienced sales engineers are much sought after in the industry, those who have the complete knowledge of the product and the market it should cater to.

I am going to discuss the top 4 companies in India that hires sales engineers in India today. The companies are listed in no particular order.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is a leading multinational company that designs and manufactures products relating to power generation, transmission and distribution. Along with that it also produces consumer goods like fans, lights etc. under the brand Crompton Greaves consumer. They hire sales engineer who are technically competent to sell their products across India and the world. Naturally the job involves a lot of traveling. Salaries are best in the industries and work culture is also very good.

Kirloskar group of companies

Kirloskar is an Indian conglomerate doing business in the field of heavy industries, power equipment production, pumps etc. Kirloskar hires sales engineer who are passionate about their products and can market and sell their products across the world. They offer good salary to experienced candidates and even hire freshers. As per reviews on websites, kirloskar is a good place to work for engineers with challenging roles and total control over their job profile.


Whirlpool is an American company that manufactures home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators etc. It has a wide spread distribution network in India and hire sales engineer to sell their products across the country. They need engineers who are very thorough with the working of their appliances and those who can successfully solve the queries that customers may have. Perks of working here are great and often leading performers get a chance to work in other countries too.


Bosch is a German multinational company with headquarters in Stuttgart. They manufacture engineering and electronic products. They have a variety of products in their portfolio and therefore they need good sales engineer to help them sell these products. The products they offer are of top notch quality and this makes the job of sales engineer quite easy as demand for their product is high. However, sales engineers need to properly understand how the product will meet customer needs and suggest accordingly. Salaries are competent and the work environment is challenging according to company reviews.