The capital of West Bengal faces a unique problem. Despite being recognised as a metro city, it is not given its due importance. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune as well as Hyderabad comes in the list of cities which are taken into consideration when companies decide to open a new office. They often give Kolkata a miss. Due to that, the job opportunities in Kolkata remains abysmally poor and salaries pathetic. Even if someone manages to get a job in Kolkata, the salary will be poor compared to someone who is working in Mumbai or Bangalore. The cost of living in Kolkata is low compared to other cities but that doesn’t justify the low salary given here.

Here are the top reasons why there is a lack of jobs in Kolkata:

Lack of political will

The politics of West Bengal borders on being destructive in nature, where winning vote share takes precedence over development of the state. Creation of jobs takes a backseat as long as people are giving the candidates the votes in return for some personal favour. Companies think twice before opening an office here as being on the opposite political affiliation will have face some serious backlash from the party in power. After what happened in Singur, companies are wary of coming to the state and the city. The current government refuses to grant SEZ status to companies, which becomes a major deterrent for them to come to the city.

Perception of the city

Kolkata was once the capital of India and one of the most productive city in the country. But sadly, it lost that image way back partly due to the decades of misrule in the state. Mass agitations, workers unions, bandhs etc. changed the perception of the city. Kolkata began to be regarded as a city where people don’t want to work hard, protest a lot even in the tiniest of issues and forces the hands of the employers.

Not many headquarters of companies

There are only very few headquarters of companies located in Kolkata due to which the cream jobs are out of the city. People in the higher ranks want to move out of the city in order to pursue better job opportunities. There is severe brain drain that the city is experiencing these days. Due to this companies are not willing to open an office here due to the lack of cream talent.

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