In a country where sixty four percent of its population still resides in the rural areas, the task of selecting your to be employees from this pool might seem to be very uphill. However, even when majority of the population resides in the rural areas, most of the times people who are talented find a way to move to bigger cities, thus leading to a brain drain. The process of selecting talented candidates from the rural areas involves a lot of thought process and the need to be open to diversity in terms of skill sets and personal traits.

The world is facing a health crisis and people all around the globe are moving towards organic foods to reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases in their lives, especially obesity, cardiovascular diseases and dermatological issues. In the current scenario, there are various industries which are investing in organic foods, if you are one of them then these are some of the ways in which you can hire a salesperson for your business.


Top 5 food startups in India


“Cold Calling” has become the buzz word for sales in today’s scenario. It is one of those magic mantras which every startup or even established firms look out for to grab a larger consumer base just over a phone call. However it is not any cakewalk, since cold calls are usually taken as a nuisance by those who don’t want to be disturbed by innumerous offers and also want to keep their private space completely unperturbed by unknown sellers.


How ridiculous the world would have seemed if there were no arts and even worse if there were no artists to see the world with a different lens.  There in the eye of artist lies an understanding of the deeper delves of the human psyche and the way humans behave and to this we fall upon our fate as humans, to understand the nuances of excelling at our careers.

There is magic in writings, for they take you to places you’ve never been and they make you hear stories, which you’ve never known and they turn and twist the notions of reality and illusion and voila you land in a place from where the only escape is a slap of the real and a pinch of the known. These might come as ramblings to a lot of people but when you are a creative writer you can never stop feeling in words in the fanciest manner, which appeals to your imagination and diffuses a feeling of content in you.

A sales career is one of the most widely talked subjects because of the nature of the job. When it comes to sales, frontline sales is one of the important parts of sales because here you may work in any area, but the objective is to understand their requirement. And at the same have to sell according to the requirement. Listen to our audio for more information.

Recruiters who aim to choose the best candidate for their company, tend to conduct varied levels of aptitude tests and interviews. To get the best out of them in one to two hours time, these recruiters use unique ways to test these candidates. There are group discussions which reflects the listening power of the candidates, test the knowledge of the current affairs and see how they perform in a team and how they can influence them to make their point.