The world is facing a health crisis and people all around the globe are moving towards organic foods to reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases in their lives, especially obesity, cardiovascular diseases and dermatological issues. In the current scenario, there are various industries which are investing in organic foods, if you are one of them then these are some of the ways in which you can hire a salesperson for your business.


“Cold Calling” has become the buzz word for sales in today’s scenario. It is one of those magic mantras which every startup or even established firms look out for to grab a larger consumer base just over a phone call. However it is not any cakewalk, since cold calls are usually taken as a nuisance by those who don’t want to be disturbed by innumerous offers and also want to keep their private space completely unperturbed by unknown sellers.

We are living in an unprecedented era of disruption. The only thing that is constant now is that all businesses will somehow be affected by disruption in varying proportion. A business model that looks full proof may come crumbling down within a few years. A relatively unknown player in the market may become a unicorn within a very short span of time. Nokia would be a good example of the former one and Airbnb will be a perfect example for the latter one.