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Jobs in Allahabad

Now officially known as Prayagraj, the city is popularly known for Triveni Sangam (three-river confluence) and is the 13th most populous district of India. In 25th January 2015, a memorandum of understanding was signed to develop it as a smart city. The place is a hub for glass and wire-based industry which is why getting jobs in Allahabad in these sectors are more. The presence of thousands of unregistered small-scale industries, as well as big industries like Reliance, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, ITI Limited, create thousands of private jobs in Allahabad and also government jobs in Allahabad. The presence of technical institutes such as IIIT, agricultural university, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology and the oldest university in the state Allahabad University show that the state is ahead in education in comparison with other cities. This creates a lot of opportunities for the education sector and getting teaching jobs in Allahabad is not difficult.

Bank jobs in Allahabad

Allahabad bank which started its operation in 1865, grew rapidly and became a major bank of the city that ultimately creates a lot of bank jobs in Allahabad. Though this is not the single bank that operates in the city and there are other multinational banks are also operating and creating thousands of bank jobs in Allahabad.

Marketing jobs in Allahabad

Marketing jobs in Allahabad have a high demand due to the presence of many small and large scale industries, however, for a better opportunity, you can search through Mintly website. If you are looking for marketing jobs in Allahabad, you need to be a graduate and have a passion for this profession.

Sales jobs in Allahabad

Similarly, sales jobs in Allahabad have a great demand, and in case, you are looking for sales jobs in Allahabad, Mintly will be the best online marketplace for you where you can find a lot of sales jobs in Allahabad. Glass and wire-based industry have a big presence which creates a lot of sales jobs in Allahabad.

Account jobs in Allahabad

The strict implementation of GST created more awareness in the small and mid-scale industries that ultimately encourage business owners to audit their businesses in the right way. This created a lot of opportunities for accounting jobs in Allahabad and it's not difficult to find accounting jobs in Allahabad if you have the right skills and qualification.

BPO jobs in Allahabad

To find BPO jobs in Allahabad, you need to become fluent in English with/or any regional language. Though it is good to become a graduate to get call center jobs in Allahabad still, not mandatory as some companies are allowing undergraduates also. You need to have good communication skills and ready to work in the rotational shift to get BPO jobs in Allahabad.

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