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Jobs in Bhubaneswar

Being the largest city of Odisha and centre of economics and an important cultural hub of Eastern India. Popularly known as temple city, the city represents the rich culture of ancient Odisha. Officially established in 1948, it became the first city of the smart city project announced by PM Narendra Modi. The developing economy of the city creates a lot of opportunity for job seekers in Odisha which why getting jobs in Bhubaneswar is easy as there are plenty of jobs in Bhubaneswar. It doesn't matter the type of jobs you looking for which could be part time, full time or any private jobs in Bhubaneswar.

Marketing jobs in Bhubaneswar

Though the job marketing is still growing and there are new opportunities are coming every single day, still, the demand for marketing jobs in Bhubaneswar is high. As a marketing professional, you need to have a graduate degree, and willing to work in a challenging environment. To get marketing jobs in Bhubaneswar, you can log in through Mintly website where you will find plenty of marketing jobs in Bhubaneswar.

Sales jobs in Bhubaneswar

There is a wide demand for sales professional in and which is why you can find a lot of sales jobs in Bhubaneswar and anyone having an interest in sales can apply for this. If you want to get sales jobs in Bhubaneswar, you need to have the passion for a challenging profession as sales require a lot of commitment.

Teaching jobs in Bhubaneswar

The city is the major educational hub of the state, and which is why the availability of teaching jobs in Bhubaneswar are more in comparison with other cities of Odisha. More jobs are available in Engineering colleges and private schools and if you want to know more about teaching jobs in Bhubaneswar, you can visit Mintly website.

IT jobs in Bhubaneswar

In 2014, the city was ranked by the World Bank as the best place for doing business that encouraged more companies to start their businesses. Due to the business-friendly environment, lots of IT companies started their offices which is why getting IT jobs in Bhubaneswar became easy. This also created a lot of opportunities in the outsourcing sector that ultimately created more BPO jobs in Bhubaneswar. To find call centre jobs in Bhubaneswar you need to have good communication skills in English and an additional regional language would be a plus.

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