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Jobs in Kolkata

The biggest city of the eastern part of India and one of the major metropolitan city, Kolkata is known as the "cultural capital" of India which is why it's called "City of Joy". As it is known as the seventh most populous city and oldest operated port of India, getting jobs in Kolkata is easy if you meet the criteria. If you are looking for private jobs in Kolkata, full time jobs in Kolkata, part time jobs in Kolkata, better to go through Mintly website or Mintly jobseeker app.

Banking jobs in Kolkata

As one of the major cities of India, the demand of the banking system is high in comparison with other small towns. To get bank jobs in Kolkata, you have to become a graduate and with a passion for sales and marketing as well. You can find bank jobs in Kolkata by using Mintly website.

Marketing jobs in Kolkata

Marketing jobs in Kolkata are easy to find due to the huge demand from various sectors, and you can start your career without any experience. Go through Mintly website and search marketing jobs in Kolkata, you will find plenty of marketing jobs in Kolkata.

Sales Jobs in Kolkata

If you are looking for sales jobs in Kolkata, don't think twice; apply through Mintly which is exclusively made to find sales jobs in Kolkata. As a sales professional, you need to have a passion for sales. Though sales jobs in Kolkata have a higher demand, however, the due to the lack of guidance, fewer candidates show their interest. So if you are looking for sales jobs in Kolkata, it is not difficult to find.

BPO jobs in Kolkata

Outsourcing creates a lot of opportunities for job seekers especially for those who are looking for jobs for female in Kolkata or graduate jobs in Kolkata. For call center jobs in Kolkata, you have to be fluent in a regional language and/or with English. To get BPO jobs in Kolkata, communication is the most important skills that companies are looking for.

Teaching jobs in Kolkata

Teaching jobs in Kolkata have more attention due to the presence of a large number of educational institutes that offer technical and academic courses. You need to have a master's degree to find teaching jobs in Kolkata.

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