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Amravati, the temple town, is being constructed as the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The urban development and planned activities are undertaken by the respective development government. New campuses of many renowned universities are building in the planned city. Consecutively many new jobs and industries are opening vacancies for the fresh graduates in sales and other sectors. It is one of the most developing cities where fresh male and female candidates are looking forward to different kinds of job roles in various industries.

From full time to part time there are vast opportunities, for several graduate and other qualified candidates available in Amaravati and we are about to discuss about few of those here in-


Sales is one of the most lucrative job sectors in India. Among the corporate jobs and industries sales happens to be most challenging and vast. There are enormous opportunities to stand in sales job roles. While you can find different positions in various newly developed industries of Amaravati, you will get to experience handsome amount of pay in sales roles. Once you search and acknowledge about the different roles it is best to decide the best suitable role for yourself. For more elaborate decision making, have a look at the best paid sales jobs available.


Where education has no limit the requirements of teachers will increase day by day whether it is for educating a student about prospective subjects and lessons preparing the students for their upcoming exams. Teaching has to be planned and a candidate if feels committed to the teaching responsibilities and acknowledged with those then one must search for the teaching jobs available nearby. This is a job that one can search for regardless of male or female. There are generally two types of teaching jobs:

Institutional: Being appointed as a school teacher is one of the most respective jobs. The duties may involve setting up an educational plan according to the respective school requirements. It will be necessary to provide complete knowledge and instructions to students while guiding them developing some skills. Also, one has to provide notes, summaries to easily understand the particular lessons in a comprehensive manner.

Private: A private tutor can guide the student in a comfortable zone. A male or female can easily take up such a job as there are many vacancies. There are great demands for qualified teachers for providing private tuitions.


A huge BPO sector is something without which an IT hub is impossible to grow. BPO as in call centres do provide 24×7 availability to various customers of different companies. Outbound sources are really important to develop a business and therefore the need of customer representatives those who can response to the customers’ needs and wants. However, in Amaravati there are many BPO jobs, from part time BPO jobs for student candidates those who are willing to work while studying, to the full timers those who feel committed to taking new challenges in call centre jobs.

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