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6 steps to make a professional resume that will impress recruiters

Aug 14th, 2018

  As a job seeker, the first identification is your resume, and it describes how professional you are that creates the first impression. The fact is if you can't focus properly to create an impressive resume, probably you won't give that much of attention to your work and trust me, this kind of impression you will create. The first thing you should remember that the company will get to know about through the resume and an unclear biodata will irritate them for sure even though you may be an excellent professional; still, it won't help. A recruiter gets hundreds of resume on a daily basis if not thousand and it is impossible to check each on a limited period of time, and a maximum seven second they spend on each resume. First, you should remember that resume always changes that means the writing style used before five years was different than the current period and though a good resume can't guarantee a job, however, this may assure for an interview call.  Here are 6 steps to make a professional resume that will impress recruiters.   Use right font The font has a big role in any written format whether it's a resume or any other document; each has a purpose, and we can't use the same font in every document. A simple font you should use while preparing a resume and if it is difficult to read, recruiters won't even give a second look at this. Follow a simple format, don't use excess jargon, and too small or big fonts and instead of making complicated, try to make it simple but beautiful.   Choose the best type Resumes are not... + continue reading

US-China Trade war and its impact on India

Aug 14th, 2018

  November 8, 2016. This is the date when Mr. Donald Trump became the president of United States of America who ran his campaign with the popular hash tag #AmericaFirst. From the starting day of his presidency, he has been making decisions which is perfectly in line with his foreign policy of America First, be it the Paris climate agreement or dealing with North Korea/Russia or the trade policies. We will discuss about the recent trade war that is going on between US and China and its impact on India. What is Trade war? Essentially it means that a country imposes tariffs on certain imported goods from another country to restrict the trade, reports CNN. On the other hand, the affected country/countries impose their own tariffs on imports. ‘Tariffs’ are the fees/taxes assessed on goods when imported into a country. In case of China-US conflict, US started imposing tariffs on Chinese exported goods to US to the extent of 25% of the value of the trade. In response, China charged fees on a wide variety of products imported from US. This exchange of tariffs continued giving the sense of a potential trade war. Impact on India- India has a very robust trade relationship with US and China. If the trade war intensifies, there is a chance that US-China trade will reduce significantly. This can have positive effect on countries like India and Brazil at least in terms of trade as the market exposure will increase significantly for these countries. In case of soybean, for instance, one of the key items in the list, there could be a cascading impact in terms of market opening for India as per the Soybean Processors Association of India. China imports... + continue reading

3 reasons why college education in India seems like a waste

Aug 12th, 2018

  India produces lakhs and lakhs of graduate every year. Despite the huge number of graduates, companies find it difficult to fill their positions. Something is amiss in this scenario. There lies a huge gap between what college teaches students and what industry demands from them. For example, after doing engineering for four years in a college with a decent reputation, students sometimes have to face the harsh reality of job life. Whatever they have spent learning so hard during their academic years proves to be a big useless junk of information. They again have to learn everything fresh or worse unlearn something and then start afresh. To a student, it feels like four years of his/her life was spent for nothing. The scenario is even worse for other graduates of science and arts stream. Graduates of arts and science have to either follow the academic part and pursue higher studies with reluctance as because there are very few jobs in the market that are suitable for them. A graduation in English or geography does not provide ample opportunities to students to try their hands in plush corporate jobs. College education in India is failing to bring students up to date with the industry requirements. Here are top 3 reasons why college education in India seems like a waste of time and money: Prehistoric syllabus Syllabus of most universities has not been updated for the last decade or so. Technology, on the other hand, changes every day. The skills that were desirable a decade back are not desirable now. Universities are just... + continue reading

5 things you must do to become more productive at your workplace

Aug 11th, 2018

  Often we misunderstand that seriousness in working is the productivity and if we can continue, it will be labeled as productivity though it's not wrong 100 percent. However, that doesn't always mean the person can work for a few hours in a constant is the sign of productivity. It's never and in fact, can become opposite and maybe in the future h/she won't be able to maintain the same consistency. The biggest mistake we are doing is to applaud the people that work faster, instead of those who work in a smart way. Before that, we should understand what it means by productivity. Being productive means how a person or team can work without affecting the mental and physical health that means, maximum output with minimum stress where the company is gaining results without losing anything or a little. In short, productivity is directly related to the growth/profit. It's not unknown that the success of some biggest companies like Google, Microsoft is due to their productivity and it happens in a healthy environment.  A better environment comes if the founder has a better vision and his/her employees understand it clearly and how this will give them benefits because no one wants to work for someone else growth with a paycheck even though it's high. Being productive won't happen overnight, it takes some months if not days because it's a system/process/environment (whatever you like to say it) that take some time, and employees also need time to make them fit in this environment. Understand the vision If you are working for a company but don't have... + continue reading