E-mail campaigning, today, is a very common marketing tool to reach out to prospective customers. It is one of the most economical and effective methods for reaching out to a large percentage of consumers.

However, if one sees from the point of view of the customer, he will find that most readers while checking their mail box tend to look for things to delete. The biggest challenge, therefore, for the sender, is to give the recipient of the mail a reason to pause, reflect and open the email instead of sending it to the bin folder. Here are some classic common mistakes which marketing people make while sending out e- mails and which must be avoided to ensure a successful e- mail campaign.


  1. Not knowing the prospective customer- Bulk e-mail marketing, most often, relies on random names and random people. This is a form of cold calling and it does not produce effective results. Instead of randomly sending emails to cover entire localities, one should always try to be specific while adding names to one’s mailing list. It is much more effective to send out information and advertise to your specific niche market.

  2. Not readable from smartphones -An increasing number of people, nowadays, open their emails from their mobile phones. In case one chooses to ignore this fact, chances of his e- mail campaign failing becomes very high. Everything in your mail- images, content and design should be such that it can be opened from any device, even a smartphone.

  3. Not choosing a catchy subject lineResearch has shown that a high rate of e-mail recipients decide whether to send a mail to the recycle bin or to open it just after reading the subject line before they have even glanced upon the content of the mail. One should, therefore, make sure that the subject line is relevant, personal and should have the ability to grab the attention of the reader. It has been found that emails with shorter subject lines, those with recipients name in the subject line and those with word ‘free’ in the email subject have been opened much more frequently than the others.

  4. Bad timing - Many email campaigns are not planned for delivery at the right time. One should always try to find out the right time when his message will be best received. Saturdays and Sundays tend to have a higher click rate than weekdays. Also, evening hours, around and after six have been found to be producing more results as compared to other timings of the day.

  5. Not keeping the mail short and simple – If there are too much text and a confusing message in a mail, it is bound to end up in the recycle bin. No one has the time or inclination to go through lengthy emails. One should try to keep his mail short and simple. One should try to deliver the message within the first five lines. There should be a balance between the amount of graphics, text, and images the mail contains. The mail should not be overcrowded with images as it takes a long time for images to download.

  6. The E-mail didn’t get personal- One of the biggest reasons why email marketing fails is because the emails lack a personal touch. One should always address the reader by name and offer customized email messaging to the appropriate audience if one really wants the mail campaigning to be successful.

  7. There’s No Clear Call to Action – Once, the recipient has gone through the mail, and he should know what he needs to do next in order to avail the offers/services mentioned in the mail. This is when A Call To Action becomes very important. A CTA tells the reader what action the sender wants them to take next. A CTA is something which will actually get the prospective customer to click through and convert. A CTA should be clearly visible and it should stand out amid the body copy.

While many online marketing tools are cheap, email promotion is by far the cheapest of them all. This is the reason why many marketers take e-mail marketing very casually resulting in failed campaigns. This leads to doubts on the effectiveness of e-mails as a tool for online marketing. However, with the right techniques and strategy, e- mail marketing can not only promote lead generation but also bring in repeat orders from old customers. Companies should, therefore, never ignore the benefits of e- mail marketing and should avoid the above mistakes in order to make their mail campaigns successful.