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5 reasons why campus recruitment in Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineering colleges fail to meet expectations

Campus recruitments are an important part of an engineering college. So important that most students join engineering colleges just to get to that day when they will be selected by a company! No doubt that getting placed in your first job is really a great feeling, but seldom do students get the job and the salary they want from campus recruitments. It is more like a compromise they have to make while taking their first job.


Many engineering colleges don't have a placement cell in the first place. So the challenge for them is to set up a campus placement cell which assists students in placements. For those colleges which have one, here are some of the reasons why they fail to meet expectations of students:


Incompetent placement officers


Many engineering colleges in India do not have competent placement officers. They either don't have the budget to hire quality people or do not possess the brand value to attract competent people. What they end up hiring is people who do not possess the required skills to attract good companies to their respective colleges. Placement officers must have excellent selling skills, as basically, they have to sell their college students to prospective companies.


Target based approach


Placement cells in various engineering colleges only have one agenda on their minds: placing maximum students. Don't be surprised as to why I am saying that this is a bad thing.  Well, it's a bad thing as because placement cells don't concern themselves with the type of jobs they are providing to their students. Almost students of all branches of engineering are coerced into taking an IT job with a mass recruiter, irrespective of the pathetically low salary on offer. Most colleges only allow one job per student so that they can report that maximum of their students has been placed instead of allowing multiple opportunities for students.


Mediocre Job profiles


Even if the placement cell of your college does its job and helps you to get a placement, a majority of the jobs on offer have poor job profiles or poor compensation. Let's say a student of electrical engineering has to satisfy himself with an IT maintenance job with a very mediocre salary. There is no correlation between what the students study and what kind of jobs they are offered.  With a huge difference between the number of graduates and the number of jobs for engineers, students take up the job offered by their placement cells lest they end up being unemployed. This fear is being exploited by their college placement cells.


Unrealistic demands by Corporates


Corporates want students who have more than 70% marks in their engineering exams as well as they need students with holistic and preferably some work experience. Corporates do take freshers but at a very meagre salary. Good salary to students of Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges are very rarely given making this a aberration rather than a normality. As a student, it becomes very difficult to score more than 70% marks as well as gather relevant work experiences.


Lack of proper soft skills training


Soft skills these days are as important as technical skills. But in engineering colleges, Soft skills are only taught to students in the wee hours of campus placements which isn’t helpful. Many students even don’t have the proper knowledge of how to write a mail.Soft skills classes, especially those who need it, should be held at regular intervals. Improvements in soft skills can make students employable.


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