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6 career mistakes people should avoid in their 20s


As a human being we all are committing mistakes, but to be honest, there is no second chance to rectify it in a real world. Often people are saying that you can’t learn if you don’t make a mistake. It’s true but not applicable in every area especially if it is related to your career. In reality, you will get only one opportunity for showing your skills or a seat in a premier institute or a job that you love to do. If you miss it, you lose it forever. There is no second chance. The difference between successful people and common is successful people, don't miss an opportunity whereas common people unable to identify it. For most of us, 20-something times is an aimless life and believe that it is not the time to be serious but the bitter truth is, here you can decide the future of your upcoming decade.

      As a fresher, your professional career can be full of excitement or fear. You are stepping into a world that is filled with opportunities and danger and here you have to prove yourself otherwise your inability will demonstrate sooner or later. There is no shortcut for becoming a perfect professional within a short time period. This is a time for learning to make your career better and also you should be careful about some mistakes that you can avoid.

Don’t think it’s a wrong time
    In the 20s, people think that they are not mature enough to take any decision to build their career. It is a perfect time to make some move. While you will be in your early 40s, the position you held on your 20s have less important than the current but it is the first step towards your career due to which you get the current position. Your future plan and management skill will play an important role in career development for the next several years. The life you want on your late 30s can be set up by you on your 20s by making choices in your job, location and even your love life.

Lack of interest in learning
     Just because you complete the graduation that doesn’t mean you will stop learning. Even if you get a job that gives you some free times then don’t waste the time. Try to sign up for new courses and skills that require for going to the next level. Often people at this stage are doing nothing but waste their valuable times and at the end getting stuck in the same job for years.  Through constant learning, you will able to improve your performance at work that will help you to grow.        

Focusing on money instead of growth
      A serious mistake people are doing in their beginning of the career is falling into the trap of immediate monetary compensation. Instead of earning few bucks extra, you should focus on your dream. There is no guarantee that you will grow if you get a high salary from the beginning. If that work has no bright future, then what will happen? It is better to start from the job you love to do or have talent. Sometimes you may have to start from the low salary but if the role is demanding both in present and future then definitely you will become successful.

Taking break
      From the beginning you should not think for taking a break from your job just to chill out. This is a perfect time that you can make your foundation strong. You are still in an entry level position. First make your career stable then think about a break.

Working long hours
       It is easy to fall into the trap that, long hours of work can be productive and shows that you are a hard worker. Working for long hours doesn’t mean that you are a hard working person. Long hour work can make you exhausted and won’t give time for your personal life. It can affect your health. Always try to finish the work within the time with perfection. This is the only way you can make a good impression. For a better career, it is important to make the balance between work and personal life.

Competition with co-workers
Every person is unique itself and has different capabilities. Competition in college life is okay but not in professional life. Professional life and college life are completely different from each other. Your life goal, position, salary are different from your colleague. If you compare yourself with other then, you will lose your vision and life goal. Always try to be yourself. Never compare your success with others. Always try to learn from your mistakes, be flexible and focus on your goal. These are the three mantras that will help you to achieve your goal.