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There was a time when sales field was not considered as pleasant as it is now. In India, the sales industry is getting huge with every passing year. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian sales industry is growing at a healthy rate between 8 to 10 percent every year. This growth rate is expected to increase further to approximately 12 percent by the year 2026. The Indian government is also taking some solid initiatives to enhance the industry in the future. If we look at the current scenario, the sales professionals have now more opportunities than any other field. Indian sales marketplace is improving and allowing the sales professional to become a part of this consistently emerging industry.

On the other hand, the distribution channel is also expanding over the last few years and nearly, 12 million distribution outlets working efficiently and effectively throughout the country. The gap between Indian firms and customers are reducing day by day. They are distributing their products among their targeted customers through the use of numerous intermediaries. Also, the concept of outsourced logistics is getting popular among the Indian firms. Most of the firms in the Indian marketplace are outsourcing their whole logistics department at a low cost so that they can solely concentrate on their core competencies with utter dedication and focus.

   Due to the globalization and digitization, day by day the Indian marketplace is getting bigger and better and e-commerce, B2B and B2C are the main reason behind it. With the development of online selling, it becomes easy for people to sell their products and services online over the internet. The digital revolution reduces the number of barriers between the people and companies all around the world. The rise of the e-retail encourages most of the companies to open their online stores because it becomes beneficial for both the customers and companies as there is no requirement for sales professional to approach them personally. Instead, they can contact their target visitors through online and make them their actual customers. It also improves the customer service, because clients can directly contact the company and get their query resolve.

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