The impact of candidate’s experience on your brand | Mintly



A company runs only due to the great customer service experience, and bad reviews can devastate its reputation and revenue at a significant level, and it is not the only duty of customer care department but also equally predominant for the recruitment department as well. It’s because a negative feedback from an interviewee can take your customers towards the competitor. Before the boom of the internet, it was difficult to know about the customer service experience, but now any bad review can turn into memes, blog post, and tweet that can make the company villain of social media overnight without delaying a single minute. Companies should be more perusal than candidates those are attending the interview because a poor recruitment experience could turn off that person as a customer for life. 

Candidate experience
 For every company like customers, talent is equally important to them. Candidate experience is based on various factors like personal interaction, engaging with them via different ways to ensure that they have a good experience with them whether selected or not. Usually, there is a difference between the companies who think they are doing great during the recruitment and those who are actually monitoring the entire behavioral process. According to a survey, less than 20% candidates remain the customer of a company even after having a bad experience and almost 50% people don’t recommend that brand if they would be poorly treated and 25% are using social media to share their bad experience.
Jobseekers are taking the opinion of current and ex-employees seriously than the official statement or its high ranking executives before applying for a job, and half of the aspiring candidates told that they would not apply again if they have any negative feedback about the company as per a survey.
  In 2014, a report claimed that bad recruitment process cost Virgin Media $5.9 million because out of 1.3 lakh aspiring candidates, 18% were existing customers but 32%(about 7500) of them cancelled their subscription and switched to the competitors after the interview due to the poor recruitment strategy which caused a loss in terms of revenue. 

Interviewee’s requirement
 Research showed that the interaction between a candidate and organization affects the relation between them as a customer and brand. Many people who have a bad experience with a company as a jobseeker will less likely to use their products and services as customers. This effect is not temporary; especially in an era where people are using social media as a tool of communication, and any bad impression will last forever resulting damages in terms of both reputation and revenue. An aspiring jobseeker having a bad experience while applying for an entry-level position won’t apply in the same company again even after 20 years experience which causes a loss of good talent in long-term for a company.

Company strategy
   Due to the influence of social media, companies should focus on their hiring strategy and work hard to prove that the candidate is the right match for the position also it is not wise to ignore the rejected applicants which most of the companies are doing through this is a critical task but must be done to ensure that unselected candidates don’t have any bad experience with them. The impact of the internet and social media forces companies to become kind for their customers and aspiring candidates as it proves that no one is big enough to ignore both of them and any mistake will permanently destroy the image.