The no-fail way to improve your focus on work | Mintly



The greatest challenge that human being is facing right now is concentration, and the problem is becoming serious day by day even after making a fast-paced and technological driven world where things are getting done within a limited time especially communication which makes us feel like living in a global village. With the availability of latest technologies, overload information, and work, staying focused is one of the most important parts of our life to get things done in a quick and right way, and to be honest, there is no way to escape from it. It becomes common for most of us like our normal days, and we are always asking one question every time, “Why can’t I focus on work? Why I am always repeating this mistake?” No matter whether we are feeling exhausted or lack of energy or scantiness of motivation, insufficient focus imperils our capability and devastates the way of success. According to a study, our attention span is 8 second, and it dwindles to a diminutive size because of the rapid growth of technology, and it happens as our brain is seeking for the new information constantly due to the attachment towards the digital world. In a world of 7 billion people, survival depends on our focusing ability and it remains same always. The focus is like a muscle power for your mind, and it’s possible to build and all you need to take a practical approach to enhance instead of blaming yourself for lack of concentration, and it will definitely change the shape of your mind just like a toned physic after some months of the intense workout if not years.

Honest with yourself
 It is very important that you should be honest regarding your action that matters for the work mostly because this will help to find the mistakes that happen on the daily basis. If the task is difficult and you stuck with it, then think the most difficult problem you solved last time, and you will feel better which ultimately improves your energy to focus.

Decide your priority
Lack of focus happens due to the distraction and your unorganized work schedule which can be solved by creating a workflow so that you will get a clear idea about the most important task for the day. Creating a work schedule based on your calendar and deadline and once finished then rewarding yourself will help you to boost the focus on work.

Avoid multitasking
 It may sound weird because most of us think it is an effective way to finish the entire task on time especially in an era where everything has been completed in a limited time due to the technological advancement. Multitasking may sound like an act of expert, but in reality, it’s like chasing two rabbits at one time without catching one which will become a waste of time only. In a practical approach, switching from one work to another will take time as our brain needs some time to adjust itself in a different task, and ultimately our focus will be lost due to the change. It is an inefficient way to complete the task which will make you stressed and rude at the end without finishing any of the given work. No one feels better while attending a phone call, chatting with customers, and writing an email to the customer at the same time.

Relax your brain
  While working, we fail to concentrate on it solely because of our thoughts which are not in our control, and are moving constantly in different places, and this becomes more disturbing, if any external source interferes with the work, like a person from the office who is constantly asking different questions or assigning more tasks or messages and notifications from social media, that results in the destruction of our focus completely. Sometimes, especially during work, it is better to cut the tie from so-called social interaction via social media to do the work properly, and this is the reason we feel more productive in the late night though it’s not a good practice to wake up until midnight as it will cause some serious damage to our health. The best practice is to isolate from social media and unnecessary talk completely while working or taking a break from it. Our brain needs some time to relax from everything to become more active. An effective way to control our mind is meditation because it boosts the concentration which can help to calm the thoughts that we are experiencing.

Workout regularly
 A sedentary lifestyle is not only unhealthy but also deadly. A body without any physical activities can develop imbalance lifestyle that affects our body and mental condition like giving the physical appearance a couch potato look due to the high amount of fats comes from unhealthy foods which again develops some psychological problems like depression, stress. However, to avoid the risk at least some light exercise can be done as the purpose is to encourage some physical activities to ensure that the muscles are in the active stage.  Doing workout on regular basis can create more energy that reduces stress level and improves our mood and happiness, and we feel energetic. It also helps our brain to create more neurons that increase the capacity to store more information.

Make work style simple
 Our hectic lifestyle and unorganized work make our life harder that distract us from doing things calmly within the target time because of our wasting nature in unnecessary work which doesn't add any value to our career and life. Doing the work should not be the only priority rather than getting the important task done. By eliminating unnecessary tasks, we can become more productive to focus because it simplifies the work. In simple, more work can be done if we simplify our priorities.