Why don't candidates appear for the interview and how to deal with it? | Mintly



Even the unemployment is at peak, lots of people don’t show up for the interview, and the worst part is hiring managers don’t even send a follow-up email by thinking that they are not the right candidate for the company because of their careless attitude. Maybe they forget the schedule or decided not to attend, but that is not the only scenario that everyone should assume and something serious might happen though it’s rare that doesn’t mean it never happens as getting a call for an interview is itself an honor. It’s an embarrassing situation for recruiters that candidates accept the interview call and then not shows up and worst part they don’t even inform the hiring managers about their absence.
    When the HR schedule an interview, they expect that the candidate will attend it as they select from the pool of the applicants thinking that the applicant is interested to work for them, so the company makes the necessary arrangement for it and wait in the hope to hire the best person, but everything goes in the air once they get to know that candidate won't come to the meeting.

Reason for skipping the interview
  Most of the time the recruiters think that the candidate may be a lazy and negative person and already ruined the chances of another potential candidate, whom they rejected for this applicant. Since it is the primary reason that everyone is talking about, there are some causes as well

- Generally, applicants who are working for some other companies often find difficulties in arranging the time for other job interviews. They may try to take a long break during the work, but that won't give any guarantee about their presence in the interview because there may be a time comes, where at the last moment they force to skip due to some urgency as they really don’t want to upset their current employer.

- Another reason is lack of the information. Sometimes, candidates don’t attend the interview due to the lack of information which is the fault of the company itself. It’s their duty to inform them regarding the interview. Applicants may forget if it has been scheduled in advance and they won’t hesitate to attend it if reschedule again.

Hiring manager’s duty
 As a hiring manager, you will definitely become angry, when the candidate doesn’t show up for the interview which causes the loss of both time and energy for the company, and indirectly you have to be blamed. In this case, you can send them an email, and inform that since they didn’t attend, it looks like that they are not interested in this position, but you are not expecting it’s the actual reason. Maybe some other problems came due to which they failed to appear and make sure that if reschedule is possible or not. Applicants who have some legitimate reasons to skip will definitely make an apology, and you can make another appointment, but if you don’t hear from them then it is better to move on as there is no dearth of candidates who are looking for a job. It would be nice to contact them personally and make another appointment, in case they are really interested but failed to attend.
    There is no need to contact the ignorant candidates because a company wouldn’t want to hire a person who needs a reminder email to attend the interview and they may respond it but there is a high chance that they won’t become the responsible employee after getting the job. It is better not to send the reminder emails unless it is scheduled for too far in advance.

Tips to convince them
- The best way to convince them for the interview is the art of your selling capability in the best way by knowing about their interest in a particular field that is related to the job profile and describe them how it will boost their career and give a better shape in future.

- Make a constant communication via text messages, email, and phones to ensure that they will be present so if any time problem arises, then you can change the schedule as the per the requirement. Give a detail idea about your company and work culture through email using videos or articles, and how it would be like working as an employee, and what are the perks excluding the monetary compensation as employees need something more than money which will encourage them to work, and of course money should be a part of it but not the main priority.

- Everything will work if you become flexible and same applies to the recruitment especially, when the hiring process is related to the experienced employee as they are always struggling to arrange the time for an interview. Some big companies are conducting interviews even in off days like Saturday or Sunday. Now a day companies are doing online and telephonic interviews to ensure that candidates don’t miss it even if they are not present physically.

Always try your best to convince a candidate for the interview, and do whatever you can for an applicant so when they attend the credit definitely goes to you.