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Tips for Hiring Managers to hire the right candidate in 2018


The shape of work world is constantly evolving with market changes and technological trends. If you are a hiring manager or in a position with an executive right on the process of hiring, you are expected to choose the best fit for your slot. There have been significant shifts in the dynamics of hiring and recruitment process in the recent years. Hiring is always a bit of a process, but with perfect strategies, you can easily bring the best candidates to your workforce.

Here are few tips on the dynamics of hiring that you should know before you decide whom to hire in 2018:

Research the candidates well ahead.

Do a quick research on each candidate immediately after preliminary screening. If you don’t want to waste your time interviewing many applicants, you should review each candidate thoroughly as soon as they apply and weed the odd ones out. While doing so, you should maintain a minimum set of standards on the applicant’s credentials.  By doing this, you can decide which candidates to take to the next stage –interviewing.

Check out for adaptability and improvisation skills

The ability of an employee to comprehend rapidly evolving market trends and his/her capacity adapt to these trends have a heightened importance in today’s digital job market. If you want to examine your candidate’s problem solving capacity, you should learn to make use of some behavioral questions. While interviewing, you can ask for the candidate’s successful moments related to the business. From there on, you can probe other questions to follow up and finally decide whether s/he possesses the skills you are looking for. You can ask similar other questions that gauge a person’s curiosity and intellectual capacity. This is a great way to find out strong and weak points of the candidate.

Opening up for a longer dialogue, you can easily measure the applicant’s caliber. Keeping a track of whether the candidates ask questions is an efficient way of weighing them. A quality question says a lot about the enquirer. After a brief conversation, you should be easily able to know whom to hire- a simpleton who asks questions like a fifth grader, or a curious person who articulates his doubts by thorough verbal expression.


Clear your doubts by checking references

Often, hiring managers find it unnecessary to check out on the references. However, if you truly want to select only the best in the market, you should be willing to communicate with your candidates’ referees. You will be able to know a lot about the applicant from the referees: his/her accountability, credibility and organizational capacity.

With these tricks, we are sure that you wouldn’t need to hassle in order to make the best hires.


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