3 reasons why Mentors are needed for Jobseekers in India | Mintly



Whether you are planning to move to a new industry or entering the world of work for the very first time, the guidance and advice of a seasoned mentor can be a real advantage.

Finding a relevant job is a daunting procedure. It does not need to be a solitary action. It’s even much better when you tap into the experiences, resources, and skills of other people to help connect with a prospect. One of the greatest ways to accomplish these goals is ‘Networking,’ but more than that, having a mentor is another better way for job seekers when looking for a suitable job in India.

A mentor can be anyone who has a strong interest in the professional success of another person. Age doesn’t matter here, but the mentor should be the one who is more connected and experienced in the field.

Here are the top three reasons why mentors are needed for job seekers in India

#Reason 1- Suggest Strengths and Point of Weakness

Sometimes, most candidates are not obvious about their marketable strengths. A mentor can offer and suggest them how to improve their skills to get noticed by the potential employees. On the other hand, if any of your weakness is preventing you from getting a dream job, having a mentor can be a real boon. A seasoned professional can help you to notice your missing skills and help you to fill those blanks so you’ll get the right job you are always looking for.

#Reason 2- Give Advice and teach you by Examples

Many job seekers look for the guidance of a professional who’ve achieved heights in the same career. Reading job search advice works at some point, but having someone with right knowledge and skills that can provide right advice and insider knowledge on everything related to your job search is a boon.

One of the better ways to learn to do something well is by looking at someone who has mastered in what you hope to achieve. A right mentor can help you to teach what you need to learn and get the desired job.

#Reason 3- Inspire you and push to succeed

When seeking a job, most of the job seekers look for inspiration and even when they don’t have, they look for a professional who can inspire them. The best mentor is the one who inspires you and brings the best out of you and leads to new professional opportunities.

Unless you try to connect with someone who is willing to serve in that particular role for you, you will never know how much a mentor can help.

To sum up

Perhaps, the most common challenge experienced by job seekers is the internal battle of low self-esteem along with a loss of hope and despair. Having a mentor will not just help you (job seeker) to get the right job, but also help you to overcome those fears. They also help you to choose the job industry that suits your skills and qualification, moving you ahead to a great future.