We know marketing is tough and changing always, and in case you aren’t aware mean the company may face serious trouble where even survival would be difficult but getting update report about current market is not a cake walk, and neither is a cup of tea, especially for startups. Survival of the fittest is the only mantra in this business world and is impossible without any knowledge and training but sadly most of the startups skip it during the funding crunch due to the obvious reason still, it is not wise to ignore because this is the only way to survive in the market. A business is nothing without sales & marketing and no matter how much improvement they are doing in other fields like product development but these are valueless unless their marketing team is strong enough to project it in front of the customers. It’s not uncommon that training and development rarely get any priority in company’s budget though is essential for an organization to improve the skill. They are usually the last things that come to their mind. As the competition increases, it’s common for every organization to become worried about everything from surviving in the market to invest in the company to maintain the quality and brand name. Maybe you hire the best talent for your team but marketing is a changing field day by day and assuming the same result without any advanced training wouldn’t guarantee the progress. Though there are lots of expensive training is available that every organization can't afford still, it's not difficult to identify the free & cheap option. 

Free training
Books are the most valuable source, and it not only provides information but also is the great source of learning, and it doesn't matter what types of books you are reading and if it's related to your profession or not; the important thing is what you learn from it. You can get books from the library without spending anything or a tiny amount, from the internet where thousands of ebooks can be download without any costs and if you want to buy then order in bulk so that price will be less. Why spend money when you have access to the internet? Videos, eBooks, and blogs are the great source of information though it is important to check carefully and the topics you read should be latest. Avoid tips that are not applicable to your industry or something that is impossible to create for yourself. It is better to follow the influential bloggers from your industry than any self-proclaimed without any experiences.    

Training by your employees
Expert employees are the asset of every organization as they have years of experiences in their respective fields. As they spend significant time in learning and applying the knowledge during their work period, it is easy for them to train the upcoming generation of the organization. Cross training will help both company and employee. For example; one employee is expert in customer acquisition whereas another is in customer support. By exchanging their knowledge with each other, both can bring more business to the company.  

Conference videos
  It is expensive to send employees to conferences that can easily drain company account which includes tickets, travel expenses, meals, and accommodation and is difficult for startups and mid-size companies to do it on a regular basis though these are the best places to learn about current trends. Instead of spending money; it is better to buy the videos of conferences as these days organizers are exclusively making it for those who can’t attend, and YouTube is a good place to watch the conference and even live videos.

Training is a vital part of every company especially for the younger generation, but it is not wise to spend money when there are free and cheap options are available unless and until you become biggies in your respective domain. As a startup, it is better to look at the free options as possible as to survive in long-term otherwise it would be difficult to compete.


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