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Hold your breath! We know 95% people don’t like their job, but that doesn’t mean they will submit the resignation to their respective bosses and will start a free life. Sounds good and we wish it would possible. Well, this is possible if we really have the courage to follow our passion and this is not the right place to discuss it as you have to go back to your job after reading this and will continue the boring stuff that you are doing from the last decades (Lol). Sadly there is no way to avoid this and every Sunday night it becomes painful for us to even think about the Monday morning at the office. It is difficult to hide the feelings on a daily basis where you have to push yourself harder to continue the job as there is no second option. The situation becomes tough when we see motivational quotes on the social media, where most of them are saying that to live the life you want, invest in your passion, we are born to live in our passion, and it continues by making us depressed. In worse, we see many people who quit the job to chase their passion and become successful, and some of them are becoming the overnight sensation. First, you should remember that this is a story every second people you meet on the public place or in private life.

You know the famous statement to get something you have to lose something and chasing the dream is the live proof of this. You have to sacrifice everything from family life to friends, and social life as people around us are not doing what they love but do what helps them getting paid. In case you need one more reason then here is the quote by Quincy Jones,

“The people who make it to the top - whether they’re musicians, or great chefs, or corporate honchos - are addicted to their calling. They are the ones who’d be doing whatever it is they love, even if they weren’t being paid.”

It's true that when we do what we love, it makes us excited and eager which results in more success as we put our maximum efforts & energy. The problem is people waste their times more than productive work, and even if they don't like their job still, they find lame excuses to cover up their failure to manage the time.

Start now


 You have a plan; work on it, and doesn't matter how much time you are giving. Here time means more productive work on less time so that you don't need to quit the job at the initial stage. Not all have the entrepreneurial spirit, and some have different wishes, and this can be anything like writing, painting or singing. When we give some time for our passion, it helps us to boost our energy and passion doesn't care about money but gives inner satisfaction. If you don't have any passion then by doing some productive work like reading books, online search or interacting with people at parks or some public place where social gathering happens can improve you a lot.


Think it as a possibility


Maybe you want to become an artist or whatever in your life but look at the situation and the bills you are paying or think about the future of the job you want to do and how much struggles are involved. Even if you are desperate then start doing it as a part-time, and you can become the writer, software tester and student at the same time and all you need is to focus on the right path.


Check Reality and Current Opportunities


 Nothing is free in this world. Not even death. So why expect someone to pay your bills, while you are working on your own dreams? It is better to accept whatever comes in a way than waiting for the opportunities as we are not sure about the future. Lots of people are working on day jobs and pursuing their dreams as well though it comes with a lot of sacrifices, and this is the reality. However, you have to admit that no work is waste of time if it helps to pay the bills, be it directly or indirectly. Suppose you are working on a job that doesn't help to learn anything new, but you can learn from people behavior present around you like their management skills, leadership qualities and many more which will help you in the future. I worked for a company for a short-time where I hated the job most as it doesn't help me to learn anything but I learned something outside of work. Like the attitude to convince people, counseling the freshers to motivate them and most importantly effective employee management and this is helping me a lot now. 


It's not final


Never assume that you have to make one final decision which must be right. Life has more thing to do. There is no way to know whether it's good or bad unless you experience this. We can't control our future and no matter how much protective we are still there is no guarantee of good results. No one can force you to stay forever, and there is no need follow the old rule that you have to stick with your decision. You don't know what will happen after one second so sticking with the decision is nothing but foolishness.  Take decisions and evaluate them.  When you feel wrong, look for other option.


You have only one life, so why waste it o something that you hate most? Be flexible, improve yourself and learn to manage the time- everything will come in your favor.