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Education is important and college degree also but most of the times people go too far and compare educational certification with every next achievement which is completely insane. We are not saying that college education is waste, but it's not like what we are taught to be. People are going to college, and in fact, some are interested in the study which everyone should appreciate still, it should not be mandatory for everyone. The bitter truth is people judge other on their educational qualification and are forgetting the famous quote by Einstein "Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid". Admit it or not, the bitter truth is college education is a waste that costs millions of rupee for the middle-class individual every year and destroys their productivity in the name of memorizing and adding unnecessary subjects which would not be useful for them even once. For years, we are fooled to believe that we could become somebody by going to the college else, our future is dark. Here are some points.

It helps in employment
 The biggest lie we are taught from the childhood that college education is the only way to get a well-paying job. Forget about well-pay, it is difficult to get a job after completing the graduation whereas those don't have a degree are working, and their pays are better than some graduate students. To be honest, most of the students are spending their time outside of study during the college and don't even take an active part in skill improvement program though we are not talking about the premier institutes still, the situation is not so better in comparison with generals. Gone are those days where you have to complete the graduation for jobs; today we have plenty of jobs that don't require any mandatory educational certificates and even people can do freelancing.  According to a survey, 50% graduate people on average 25 years old are unemployed in comparison with their counterpart undergraduate people. So, what these people did by going to the college? We are not saying that people should not attend colleges, but it must not be labeled as a job provider. Instead of focusing on the college degree, if people will focus on skill improvement that would be helpful for their career in future though companies are always looking for graduates for their most of the positions, it is not necessary that they must attend college. Lots of universities are offering distance level graduation which is equivalent to the regular degree. In my personal opinion, unless you are selected for any premier institute, attending college would be a waste of time and money especially in a country like India where technical & management courses become a joke.

More earning
 We are yet to find any connection between higher earning and a college degree and is still a mystery to us that how our previous generation was convinced. If leaving college is harmful then Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg would not be in their respective positions. Admit it is not, the truth is earning is not related to a college degree. Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate, during the initial day everyone is facing challenges, but once you reach the mid-career stage, a degree is useless. Earning depends on the experience, skill, hard work and talent and it has nothing to do with the college degree.

Lack of critical thinking
The best quality of a human being is critical thinking which differs it from other species, and in fact, from other humans also. Entrepreneurs, leaders, and others who bring changes in the society have critical thinking ability. College teaches us to follow the rules and it's important at certain points, however, in general, there are no particular rules to follow everything especially for entrepreneurs as they are risk takers, and for a successful result, a person needs to have a creative mind and outside of the box thinking approach. Usually, to do something better sometimes, we need to break the rules which we can say critical thinking and college education doesn't help in this case.

It still on the debate whether college education helps to shape the future or not but one thing for sure in a country like India it wastes a lot of money and time in the name qualification where education becomes a profitable business and unless there is a reformation where it will focus on the ground problems like changing the syllabus as per international standard, focus on skill instead of memorizing and most importantly critical thinking ability, otherwise, it will be a waste of both money and time. In short, to achieve something in life, a college degree is not necessary.

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