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To be honest, it is difficult for everyone to stay for a long time as there are numerous reasons where candidates decide to step outside of the company. In case you decide to leave the job you have to prepare yourself well though not all exits happen in a predictable and organized way. Job change is a daunting task because of the dearth of opportunities, competition, and new technologies make it worse for the candidates. When you start looking for a new job, your responsibilities will change and so your skills for which you may have to take the new professional course, and if you get a promotion or work in some big successful projects, then this will be a big bargain. If you have an excellent track record that impresses someone, and he will ask you to send it to a certain email as they are looking for a candidate, never send the same even if it is impressive.  Though we are not saying to delete the old resume permanently; however, some changes require if you are working for a significant period in your current company. Companies will want to know whether you are a good match for current trend or not and by sending the old resume you are killing the chances completely. We are not saying to create different resumes for each company, which is not a good idea though.

New Content
 Before applying for a job, put in mind that time is changing so your resume should be. During this period you involved in lots of works from professional to extracurricular activities that somehow improve your knowledge. It is not necessary to write your day to day basis tasks, but mention few in different ways because from your resume the employer already knows the daily work you are doing; so writing the same thing would not impressive. It will take a lot of time to write the impressive bullet points, but if you write whatever comes to mind; it will help to give the idea to rectify once completed all the points.  If it takes more than one page then no need to worry; first complete and after that, you can edit.  

Change the Design
A first impression is last impression and resume is not exempted from it. Though the content may be same, however, this is the best time to change the design and use new layout for a better visual experience. A good presentation is the first step to get the attention of a recruiter, and chances of giving more time to review the resume are high.  There are lots of designs available on the internet, and the most important part of a resume is font; explore them but it should not be complicated and the color and style should be limited to two or three. Better not to use more than one image except your own photo.

It’s time for revision
Usually, most of the people looking for a job in the same domain, but the time is no more same as during the initial period when they came to the current company. Make sure that whatever you write matches your current profile accurately and give some time for the proofreading and grammar check. People change, so their ambition. Your expectation and aim should reflect on the resume so it won't create any confusion in the future and recruiters will understand whether you are a good fit for their organization or not. Careful about your ability and what you can do not what you will get because your upcoming job will have more responsibilities than current, and you need to prepare yourself to handle it.


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