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The emotional stress is difficult to handle just after losing the job, and it's hard to explain the situation you are going through. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone and even without any fault. There are multiple reasons, from financial crunch to personality conflict or in worst office politics and the list goes on where you forced to quit. Now you don't have a job so where you will go? The first question will come to your mind for sure, but there are ways to handle it in a gentleman style.

It's just a part of your life, not the whole life

As Abdul Kalam said, "Love your job but not the company you work for, because you may not know when your company stops loving you". The first rules of being a great professional are to love what you do not where you do.  Put in mind that your job is a part of life like others things and should not be everything otherwise you would be broken inside. Remember, people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs faced the worst situation than you. Their own companies which they created once fired them. If they would break at that time probably, we would never write about them here right now. These people know how to handle their failure in a gentleman style and convert it into success. It is better to control the situation before it starts controlling you.

Things you should do

Even though it gives you a shock, never walk out the door just after being fired from the job no matter how difficult it is. Losing the job doesn't mean you lose everything; there are way more to go, and you have some rights as an ex-employee to get the benefits from the company. Sometimes it is hard to discuss regarding this just after the incident- better fix an appointment for further discussion in a different day. First, you should be careful about the paycheck you receive in case you don't get it, and collect the information regarding other benefits like incentives, EPF, and insurance. In case you don't know much about it, take help from experts to learn about the facilities you are going to get.

Never do these things

Losing the job is traumatic even if you knew it before still, hard to control the emotion as it's related to your bread & butter. Sometimes people are unable to control and post it on social media which is a big NO. Instead of announcing it publicly, talk with the people you are personally close like family members or personal friend with whom you are in constant touch.

Though it's a black spot in your career, still you should not hide it from the people you are close. It would be difficult to handle such pressure for a long time that can make you depressed. This a time of moral support and if you feel it difficult to handle, it is better to seek help from counseller.

After getting fired, you will start looking for new jobs, and every time you attend the interview, the question regarding previous employment will come. In this case, it is better to speak the truth because if they do the background check, there will be no way to hide it. The truth will make you free, and you don't need any additional excuses. It is difficult to explain that you are once fired, but you can explain it in a positive way. 

- First, you should not blame anyone while explaining.

- Admit the mistakes, if required.

-Demonstrate how you can prevent it in the future.

The best way to avoid negative feedback is to consult the previous employer for a positive response.

Remember, losing a job doesn't define your failure and inability. Humans are wrong by nature and mistakes are done by everyone. You will be hailed as a failure if you are unable to cope with it and move forward. Successful people never complain even during the toughest situation; failures do it always even in the good occasions.


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