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The rise of unemployment is high and getting a job as per wish is like winning a medal in Olympic, but most of the people are not fortunate to find a career according to their wish and end up working in different sectors. In India, most of the engineering student become frustrated just after few months of job search and end up joining in BPOs or somehow in the same sector where they neither survive for a long time nor get job satisfaction. We are not saying that BPO sectors are bad as it offers career opportunities to all and of course it's a good career choice for non-technical people and improves communication skills that we barely found in found in any other sector. Whereas Engineering students opt for BPO only because of lack of jobs, and even dentists are finding it more lucrative than their core profession.  

Why it happens

In India, the total number of engineering colleges are 3,345 that have 14, 73,871, and Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of colleges, and it is merely impossible to get a job for every engineer just after completing the degree.  The quality of education is not as per industry standard in tier-2 institutes now a day even now it's slowly affecting premier institutes due to increasing number of colleges. The student who completed his/her education from a tier-3 college faces the worst situation while searching for jobs due to multiple reasons; from lack of technical knowledge to skill development, everything becomes a serious problem for such institutes.  It's not like that all are forced to join engineering due to family pressure; some did on their wish, some joined because they thought it would be a good career choice in the future. Whereas the problem starts in the first year of their career and they slowly become confused about their future career and end up without getting any opportunity.  In this situation, they are looking for different options like joining MBA, preparing for UPSC and other governmental exams, or try in other sectors that includes BPO.


Why BPO should not be a career choice for engineers

They can't stay long

Putting all the arguments aside, BPO is a place, where most of the engineering graduates can't survive for a long time no matter what especially if they are hoping for software or core jobs but join in the call center because of lack of options. Once they get any job in their domain they leave it that make trouble for the companies, and according to a survey, most of the graduates don't even stay for one year in there.

Due to their lack of commitment in this career, some companies are not allowing engineering graduates in their interview process. In this sector, they don't have to anything creative or challenging that ultimately let them feel bored and sooner or later they start looking for a change.


Cultural fit

It is not an easy task to communicate with clients on a constant basis especially for some hours where you have to pick up the phone, solve the query, and even faced their dissatisfaction. Though these are nothing new and happen in every sector, however, BPOs are a bit different as some companies are handling multiple clients (on behalf of other companies) which engineering graduates don't find interesting. These are like the advanced version of telecaller positions and people from non-technical background find it suitable whereas for engineers it's just another boring job.  As they come from the technical background, it's difficult for them to fit with the non-technical environment where they have nothing to do except talking on phones.


Low salary range

In BPOs, most of the applicants are undergraduate, though the standard qualification is graduate, however, some companies hire intermediate students that ultimately comes with lower pay. Whereas as a fresher engineer, a job seeker can earn much higher than them if they enter in the IT sector or core sector. Even though after working for a significant year, a person can grow in this field, however, his/her salary will be much lower than the people working in other sectors like IT and engineering. Working in a BPO has some different perks like free transportations, food, and bonus but the growth is not impressive if you see it as an engineering graduate.


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