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The politics behind the job was and will be there and apart from corruption and casteism; the unemployment issue becomes a Bramhashtra for the opposition whereas once a party comes to the power, it struggles to fix this and again becomes the target of opposition. The cycle continues, and no one is able to solve the problem. Though employment is a reason for political failure, still there are multiple factors involve that takes time, and this is where politics fails due to lack of interest. The discussion regarding unemployment becomes more once the general election comes and some win and some lose, but at the end of the again the question remains the same, where are the jobs? The 2014 General election had a different story, but it won't happen every time, and people are frustrated with unemployment and are looking for jobs for which everyone from the bureaucrats to politicians, have to answer. Though that's a different part of the talk, let's discuss the ongoing job problems in India.


The rise of unemployment

According to the data the unemployment is close to 7 percent in 2018, though it's not high yet still, the rising rate is alarming and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If we believe the opposition parties' allegation, India is not in a position to compete with China at any stage, and when it comes to employment; our communist neighbor is ahead of the game that we can't even dream. In China, 50 thousand people are getting job opportunities every 24 hours whereas in India the number is only 400. Though we can't verify the exact data however it is clear that the allegation is not completely baseless either and doesn't matter who sits in the PM chair, everyone is failed to fix this.  According to the Times of India, 31 million Indians are jobless, though the percentage were an all-time low in 2014 where it was 3.41 percent and from then slowly increasing still not impressive to cross China.  Though there are numerous reasons which are difficult to mention in one article, however, we are mentioning some of them.


Caste-based reservation system

Whether you admit or not, the caste-based reservation is damaging more instead of improving the living standard of underprivileged people, and if it continues, India will face more crisis in the future that will cause a serious damage in progress. People are thinking about caste and take it as a matter of sentiments instead of the development issue, and in fact, more groups are coming forward and are demanding reservation for their communities. India is a country where people are in hurry to declare them as backward instead of becoming a part of the development. A bitter truth we have to digest and politicians are competing with each other by promising reservation to win the election. Unless we scrap the reservation system, there won't be any progress, and for this, the government should remove the caste and religion column in every application form and should not ask people to use caste and religion in official work. India is a secular nation and is advocating about equal rights irrespective of caste and religion whereas such system is killing talents. The top bosses of the world's biggest companies are Indians whether it Google or Microsoft or Adobe, name a company, you will find an Indian is holding an important position there that proves there is no dearth of talents in India. Whereas in India we are fighting against each other to avail the reservation system for ourselves.


Quantity instead of quality

Though the government is focusing on to improve the quality of education whereas they are indirectly encouraging the downfall of the education system. The increasing number of IITs, IIMs, NITs and tier-2 institutes are creating more jobseeker without offering any job, and even they are making the entrance pattern easy as the seats are more. The problem already started, and the failure of offering employment from such premier institutes is the first sign where students from NIT, IIIT, and even IITs are struggling to get a job now a day. Gone are those days when all NIT students are getting offers from renowned companies where they had to choose. The situation is worst for the postgraduate students from these institutes and it even slowly affecting the medical education. The government is encouraging to open private medical colleges and makes the process easy and that is helping the businessmen running private colleges. The institutes are running the colleges purely on the business basis where any candidate having money can become a doctor. Days are not far when we will see unemployed doctors are changing their professions just like other graduates. By abolishing the quota system, increasing the seats instead of colleges and making the entrance system tough like UPSC, the government can maintain the quality. Though this is a very small, however, has a long-term effect on the system if they do it in a proper way.


Failure of Skill India program

The rise of unemployment is not sudden and can't be solved overnight without a vision as we already see the disastrous result of Skill India that is slowly becoming a burden on the government instead of helping the nation. The eagerness to fix the unemployment overnight without any longterm plan caused more damage that backfires the ruling party and they have to bear the blame now. The courses don't fit the industry standard however institutes are getting funding by showing the number of students enrolling in it and at the same time the slow growth of the economy fails to create more jobs. You can read more about it here.

Instead of asking each other where are the jobs, if politicians and governing bodies would focus on the ground problems to fix the issue, the unemployment issue would not be a big as it is now.


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