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Often we misunderstand that seriousness in working is the productivity and if we can continue, it will be labeled as productivity though it's not wrong 100 percent. However, that doesn't always mean the person can work for a few hours in a constant is the sign of productivity. It's never and in fact, can become opposite and maybe in the future h/she won't be able to maintain the same consistency. The biggest mistake we are doing is to applaud the people that work faster, instead of those who work in a smart way. Before that, we should understand what it means by productivity. Being productive means how a person or team can work without affecting the mental and physical health that means, maximum output with minimum stress where the company is gaining results without losing anything or a little. In short, productivity is directly related to the growth/profit.

It's not unknown that the success of some biggest companies like Google, Microsoft is due to their productivity and it happens in a healthy environment.  A better environment comes if the founder has a better vision and his/her employees understand it clearly and how this will give them benefits because no one wants to work for someone else growth with a paycheck even though it's high.

Being productive won't happen overnight, it takes some months if not days because it's a system/process/environment (whatever you like to say it) that take some time, and employees also need time to make them fit in this environment.

Understand the vision

If you are working for a company but don't have any idea about their vision then you may be in a wrong place and no matter how big the organization, people from the bottom to top should understand it. Being profitable or making something unique is not a vision instead, how the company is adding value to the customer and employees. For example, some companies always do their best for customer satisfaction, some make things that solve the real problems, and some are doing both. The objective is to create value for everyone from customer to employees and if the organization doesn't have a vision; you are in a wrong place.  The company may have a world-class product and team, but without any vision, it won't sustain for a long time.  


Create micro goals according to the capacity 

Setting micro goals according to the capacity is the most important things one should do for becoming more productive in the workplace. Often we misunderstand that micro goals are limited and a barrier to growth but in reality, these two are different. If a person unable to achieve goals means, he permanently sets a limit and doesn't think beyond it or set it without understanding his/her capacity.  For example, if a beginner thinks about running 5 kilometers from the first day, it would be impossible to achieve but doing it on a regular basis will help for sure. And we have to understand that there is a difference between an athlete and a normal person. An athlete can achieve his/her goal within a limited time because, in the whole life, h/she is doing it whereas it is difficult and in fact, impossible for a normal person to do so within a limited period of time.

The same thing happens while setting a target where you have to check the capability and create micro goals and give the complete focus on it. Here you have to track how much time you are spending and how much require and what needs to improve the performance. Initially, it will be difficult however doing it on a regular basis will improve the performance for sure.


Always give time to your health

Whatever you are doing if your health is not supporting, you can't achieve anything and for this, you have to take care of your physical and mental fitness. Give some time to relax your body and mind and if your organization objects for this you may not be with a right company. A tired person can never become productive, and ultimately he will be fired one day once his/her performance decrease. If you are not taking care of it for the sake of the career, you are destroying both at the same time. Taking a 10-15 minutes break in every one and half hour is necessary as you are working on a desk job and the physical activities are rare. Even though you are going to the gym on a regular basis still, you should take a break on a regular interval as after sitting for 8-10 hours on a constant basis and then going straight to the gym is not healthy.


Don't become a multi-tasker

Often we see especially in corporate culture, companies are glorifying multi-tasking, and even make it is a requirement in most of the job description though it may help them at the starting but slowly destroys the employee's productivity, and that directly affect the revenue system. A better growth happens if we have a clear focus on our work whereas in multitasking it is difficult to concentrate on one area and we end up losing the mental peace.  Some people are doing it effectively but slowly they are losing focus from their work and life, and it often tasted before and in the end life becomes imbalanced. If you can't commit to one task at a particular time, you can't dedicate to anything in your life, and most importantly, your work efficiency will be going down.


Ask yourself

Always you should work yourself where you are failing, and how to improve and the best way to analyze it at the night before going to sleep. Make a note at the end of the work and prepare the plan ahead of time. By observing yourself on a regular basis and pointing the fault at your own and finding the way to solve it will make a better version of yourself on the next day.


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