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I Liked the interview process , the interview process is for that particular designation .The application installation is a good idea.


I experienced a very good atmosphere and a healthy work environment where I can bestow my knowledge and get a very career growth.


A best place to find your dream job. 


Perfect and easy way to find a job.


I got my first job through Mintly. Happy with the service.

Manoj, PSD Clip, Coimbatore

Detailed Description about Job requirements and Interview scheduling from the Mintly Team. Constant follow up till my joining in Client Workplace.

Naveen, BentenLabs&Eng,Coimbatore

Good Job by Mintly Team.Comfortable working in client workplace.Enormous support and Guidance until gets convenient in Working Environment.



Mr. Anjan, Jayem Warehousing Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Amazing Good, We are happy with the Service from Mintly Team.

Ms.Nithya, Mayil mark

Our new candidate is doing very well, thank you for your help,I am confident he will be a great asset to our team! The Service provided by mintly was great, if I have any further recruitment in the near future, I will certainly not hesitate to get back in touch with Mintly!! Kind Regards.

Ms.Mala, Global coating

I have been very happy with the service.i filled the position within a few weeks and am happy with our new employee and the service provided by mintly