Aesthetic in Design

A beautiful design is the first impression of any product, and we can say it's a thing that attracts users to use the app. They need a reason to start, and a beautiful design is the first reason. Our design team made a lot of efforts to make a beautiful app. From the homepage to job search everything will give a different look and feel. Download the app; you will like it for sure

Best User Experience

No one likes complications, and the same applies to us. The app is easy to use that's beyond your imagination. A few clicks are enough to sign up and apply for a job. It's not just a sky-high claim; we are working day and night to make a hassle-free job search experience.

Location basis Job search

The aim is to not just provide a good user experience, also at the same time to provide value, and a solid reason to use the app. Our location basis job search will give a unique experience where you can find your favorite jobs at your favorite location.

Mintly App Features

Apply thousands of jobs in one click

The wait for applying on multiple jobs at once is over and is possible with Mintly Jobseeker app. Download and uploads your resume once, and applies to thousands of jobs with one click.

Quick support

Have any doubt and don't have time? You can contact our customer support immediately with one click.

Location basis job search

The only app that provides jobs based on the location where you can find your favorite jobs at our desired location. You can see all the jobs available at your present location from the map itself.

Save and apply later

Unable to decide whether you want to apply for a job or not? Save the job, and apply later.

24X7 Customer support

There is nothing like 9-5 office hour when it comes to serving the customers. You can contact us at any time and any day. We are available for you 24 hours in a day and seven days a week.

Easy apply and share

Applying for a job is easy on Mintly job seeker app, and you can even share it with others.

Download Now

Download and find your dream job now. It's free.

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