The Recruitment Challenge

We understand that recruiting is not easy for companies and We are here to ease the pain points. Following are the main challenges faced by companies:

  • No show by candidates after applying and confirming their presence for the interviews.
  • Candidates and companies not able to connect with recruitment agencies after office hours.
  • Poor shortlisting of candidates resulting in bad hires.
  • Lack of proper background verification.






India's first tech startup that is doing employment background verification by using Blockchain to reduce the excessive spending of time and money.

mintly blockchain
mintly Free Hiring

Free Hiring

Post any number of jobs and hire as much as candidates you want and it's free! There is no hidden cost.

Premium Hiring

Are you facing problems in hiring? Let us take care of that. Just sign up for premium service, your job is done. We will do screening, arrange interview schedules, and salary negotiation.

mintly Premium Hiring
mintly Audio and Multilingual platform

Audio and Multilingual platform

Mintly is the first tech startup that is creating content in audio and text format in regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali to help non-English speaking people. Whether you are looking for hiring tips or want to know about how to hire your next salesperson, Mintly blog is there for you. Don't have the patience for reading? You can listen to our audios to increase your knowledge.

Instructor based learning

In the era of self-learning, we still need someone to guide us for specific requirements, and this is where instructor based learning comes to picture. We are doing online instructor based learning where users can learn with the help of an instructor at the comfort of your home. No need to get struck in traffic wasting your precious time when you can use that time to learn new skills!

mintly Instructor based learning
mintly co-work space

Co-working spaces

We partner with co-working spaces to help the start-ups and entrepreneurs with their hiring needs so that they can focus on their core competencies. We add value by reducing their pain points.

NGO's and Non-Profits

We partner with NGOs and Non-profit organizations to help their beneficiary get jobs across sectors. We also help to increase diversity hiring.

mintly ngo
mintly Corporates


We partner with corporates to provide them smooth hiring experience. We take care of their hiring requirements and provide the best candidates for their organizations.

Training Institutes

We partner with training institutes to help their students find jobs that suit their skills. We help training institute to provide their customers the full value cycle from training to a job.

mintly Corporates
mintly co-work space

Incubators and accelerators

We partner with incubators to help mentored startups hire the right way. We know the importance of creating the first team in a start-up and we help them build teams from the ground up.

Colleges and Universities

We partner with colleges and Universities to mentor students and help them become job-ready along with helping them find suitable jobs according to their skillsets. We provide placement services for colleges to help their students get a job across sectors.

mintly co-work space

Why Us

Yes, we know this is the first question you always want to ask, and we are happy to answer it. After all, this is a genuine question everyone asks before choosing something.

24 X 7 supports

We are the first and currently the only company in the entire recruitment sector that provides 24 X 7 supports. Have any doubt? Call us at any time you want.

Blockchain basis background check

Are you tired of manual background check due to its time and money consuming process? Here we have a solution for you. Mintly is the first tech startup in the recruitment sector that provides cost-effective Blockchain based background check. Feel free to contact us.

An experienced Team

Despite being a startup, we have a team of people more than 10+ year industry experience in recruitment and IT sectors with a talented tech and marketing team that works day and night to give the best customer experience to its clients.

Brand Solution

Recruitment is not just the only solution we offer. We have more for you. A lucrative offer alone is not enough to attract a good candidate. A good brand always stands out from the crowd and gets more attention from both job seekers and clients.

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Hire with a few clicks

Mintly offers the first of its kind, location-based job search where candidates can search jobs based on locations on maps and companies can search for suitable candidates on a map. So both sides of the coin will have a clue where the other party is located. Use our app to get this new hiring and job search experience.

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